Get a fake driver’s license without a practical test
Having a license is mandatory if you wish to drive any motor vehicle in any part of the world. It identifies you as an experienced driver and notifies law enforcement personnel that you are legally allowed to drive. Furthermore, it also serves as your identity card, should there be a need to prove that you are who you claim to be. The road to getting a permit is full of administrative hurdles, and you must cross them all. Why waste so much time, energy, and money when you can buy a fake driving license online. Yes, you heard that right! We bring you authentic documents without any hassles, and you can use them legally in most places.

Order a new driving license fully registered in the central database
At Instandoc, we aim for perfection in everything we do. Taking note of how people are frustrated by the bureaucratic system, we started this journey ten years back. Today, we offer fake driver’s licenses for various countries, and the credit must go to our hardworking team. We use high-tech printing machines and top software to ensure the authenticity of our documents. Special attention is given to security features such as:

Raised lettering


Raise surface pattern

Changing images

Unique alphanumeric number

Optical variable ink

Even a small error can land you in trouble, and this is why we are quite meticulous with our approach before putting up a driver’s license for sale. Whenever a traffic cop pulls you over, you can confidently show your license. We bet they won’t be able to spot the difference. More importantly, the registered number will show up when they fetch it.

If you want to learn more about how we operate, feel free to get in touch with us.


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